the snow is falling, the snow is falling

Saturday 3-3-12

happy Birthday to Roger! Today is my day to workout second in the scheme of things. he does double spin classes on Saturday mornings and i run when he gets home. someone has to keep the children in line! I got up early before he left and made his favorite bfast: blueberry pancakes and bacon, there was scrambled eggs, toast and i made myself(after the kids and roger ate and the dishes were cleaned and everything put away) an egg white omelet with toast topped with red raspberry jam and chopped almonds. yum!
My run today was a bit unusual due to the fact that we got about 6 inches of snow yesterday. i got to use my snow shoes here in WI for the first time all winter! i knew the trail would be open and that the roads would not be fully plowed yet so I went for it.

i forgot that the effort used to run with snow shoes is much greater and since the path was not groomed, it is also like running in sand. I was definitely up in the high heart rate zone. i did 6 miles with the wind in my face going about 10 mph on the way back. That run made me think about something while fighting the wind. It is so easy to give up and feel sorry for yourself for doing so, but it is hard to keep going but yet feel proud. Which of those do you feel yourself doing more? People ask me all the time how I run like i do, how to i have the motivation to run “that far”. My most common answer is i don’t know, I just run. i make that decision to myself everyday when I head out, that the miles that i have in my head to do, I simply do. It’s that simple. If you cheat on your run, you are only cheating yourself and pushing yourself a little further from that goal you have set within yourself.

I bundled up a bit extra for this run since the wind was a bit strong. The snow shoes are connected to the running shoes with screws, so making sure i had warm socks was key! I had the smartwool socks on, the colder temp brooks tights with nf wind pant shell over top in case I fell. I had the nf sports bra tank and the Bjorn Daehlie long sleeve top with my craft jacket to hold all the heat in. the Bula and nf knitted hat completed the ensemble with a last minute add with the glasses.

6.01 miles in 1:07:56. when I look at that time i think it must be wrong, then I remember the snow shoes 🙂

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