There’s no place like HOME

End of January and Spring feels like it’s here already, 50 degrees today! Contemplated wearing shorts and a T for my run, but then i saw that the wind was about 12mph and decided against it.
I wore capris, reg sports bra, long sleeve white nf, nf headband and shades. Today was going to be my rest day, but i couldn’t let the nice day slip by. Also being in the car for 4+ hours didn’t help either. I knew the run would help with recovery also so I decided on a quick 4 miler on my favorite route. nothing like a warmer day to tune out on a familiar landscape. The wind was brutal on the way down, but i knew that the way back would be a tailwind, so its always worth it!

I forgot to take the picture until was about to get changed, oops.
4.01 miles in 33:18, last mile at 7:39! man it feels good to be home

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