There once was a time when missing a run would be the end of the world. I would be bitchy, irritable, and just plain pissed. The plan is the plan, you have to stick to it or else. Or else what? Are you going to spontaneously combust? Are your legs going to fall off? No.
If you are a seasoned runner you have had that feeling when you miss your run, generally this happened at the beginning of your running life. But, as we all know: life happens. You get stuck at work, all the kids are sick at the same time, the dog got bit by another dog, or it just didn’t happen. Accepting that you missed a run is hard. I can now proudly say that I am at that point. Today was that day, finally I was ok with missing a run. Of course it is my biggest goal year with thousands of miles in the queue but today, i was ok.

My daughter has had chest pain for months and sometimes with a 12 year old girl the level of pain fluctuates with who is talking to who. It has been getting worse and no longer could i ignore it. I took her out of school and to the doctor. An irregular heart beat and referred to a pediatric cardiologist, whew. it could be nothing, but it could be something.

These things put the whole deal in perspective. I have huge races on the calendar this year but i will drop it all in a heartbeat to be there for her. If I miss one run this week, even though i ran on my scheduled rest day so technically i’m not behind, to spend the day taking care of her, it will be ok.

There is tomorrow and I will make the best of it, I will let go of today and not let it hold me down. I will focus on the other million things that will also help me achieve my goals. I will stretch, I will foam roll, i will ice, and i will kill my core workout!

Today it’s ok.

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