Wednesday 3-7-12

Horrible start to my day to say the least. This far in my training there are more mid week longer runs. In order for me to be at work by 10 I need to be out the door by 7 a.m. at the latest. I got up early, ate and got the kids up and fed them breakfast. All suited up and ready to go and grab my Garmin. Flippin’ dead!! I charged it all day yesterday so this wouldn’t happen. Of course I can’t run without it, so i wait, and wait. As I have expressed before time really REALLY stresses me out. I get out the door after 7:30 and it’s 40 some degrees with 23 mph winds. awesome.
I decide after about 1/2 a block that there is no way I have time to get my 11 miles in before work. I turn around and back my gym bag, change, and head to the gym. I was only able to get in about half the distance. So after my near panic attack, I got my run in. This however did NOT help my mood. I was pissed off all fricken day. Thank god work wasn’t busy, cuz someone could have gotten the wrath of Nora.
Why does time and being late freak me out so much? It has always been that way for me even as a little kid. I remember waking up super early for school and being ready and waiting in front of school before the doors even were open, in fear that I would be late.
The mood followed me even after work and into the night. i did let everyone know that if i am rude, it’s not their fault.
so this is the attire i was planning on wearing for the run outside, clearly not what i actually wore though.

5.5 miles in 44:42. eh.

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