Thursday 2-16

Today i get to go home, and I can hardly wait to be in the arms of my love. Kiss my baby girl and tell her I love her. My schedule is a little outta whack. I am usually out the door by 8am and done running by 10 so i can be to work. While here I am out the door at 10am(yikes). But it is nice to slow down a little since I never do. Short work day tomorrow as well followed by a one day work week next week. needless to say getting out the door was a challenge this morning. I only 6 miles on my plate, but couldn’t seem to psych myself up. My back is very sore from sleeping on my sisters couch so I am sure that had something to do with it.
My run however was good. It was in the high 20’s with about a 7mph wind. Still sunny and if there wasn’t a bit of snow on the ground you’d think it was full fledged spring. I wore smart wool socks, brooks colder weather tights, white nf sports bra, black craft base, and alo outer layer. nf gloves and bula gator. I was a bit sluggish and the small uphill I had to climb really caught me off guard. All in all it was a good run and I finished in a little less than 6 miles. 25 miles so far for the week.