updated my playlist

Almost back on track with my training schedule, in the last 2 days I ran about 15 miles for the week 24 so that’s about where i left off when I hurt my knee. I haven’t been stretching like I should and I can feel it. Still doing my strength and core exercises so that’s good?

Sometimes I feel like whipping yourself into shape should be just as easy for your mind. some people lose themselves while on a run or a ride, not me. my mind kinda goes blank and i focus on the words of the songs on my ipod. my mind will run a bit and thoughts will cross my mind, but i don’t have these epiphany moments or anything.

they get it, they love you no matter what and they form a bond with you in such a short time. a person can feel just as strongly about a pet than they can about a human. the loss of such pet can be devastating, life changing. they do love you unconditionally.

looking forward to this week with my sister and niece and taking things as they are.

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