Tuesday 2-14

yesterday was a rest day, i didn’t even do spin class. I was happy to have the day off from work as well. I got to see my honey at work and have lunch with him. Too bad the rest of the day was not as good. i got a phone call from my sister and I had to catch a flight to Minneapolis last night. She needed her big sister to come and make things right for her and hold her hand when no one else could. Our mother still continues to haunt us till this very day with her fucked up values. To make my sister loyal to a fault, me a terrific liar, and my brother an anger machine. She has no idea what she has done to us that still holds us back from happiness in our adult lives. i have gotten help for my issues and is now in the past and my brother just ignores it, but my sister needed the extra help to make a stand. So after tears and laughing and stress i got to run today. I ran a loop around the lakes, I needed it physically and mentally. i was missing Roger like crazy, the emotions of the whole situation was really getting to me and I could help from being overwhelmed with longing. i was on track to run 8 miles with 10x100m, I got back to the apartment and i had run over 9 with the 10x100m. Picture courtesy of Tashi, clearly after my run. wore Sporthill tights, rei socks, nf sports bra tank, ice breaker base, and nf outer. it was mostly sunny and the temp was 30ish. i also had the nf gloves and Berkeley hat. i threw on the neck gator at the last minute and I was glad i did. The wind on one side of the lake was brutal.
9.23 miles in 1:17:57.

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