Winter has been long

Sunday March 23, 2014

When the sun shines and the weather is warm after an impossible winter you can only help but to smile.  A kind of smile that not only lights up your face but your whole being.  That, is how I feel about running.  The winter was long and cold and so had been my running attitude.  I would like to say that it happened after Boston, but I know it happened the winter before.  I had lost my love for the sport. How can a person who had lived, breathed, and talked running just stop?  I ran the 50 miler and after that the honeymoon was over.

I should have been elated that I had qualified for Boston without trying, or that I placed 2nd in my first ever ultra, but all i could think was: what now, what’s next?  it had never been my style to do something mediocre and then try to do better next time.  Do your best the first time and move on to the next bigger/harder thing, that was my style.

I decided to run the 50 miler again and trained, well sort of and had the best race ever.  I ran some after that and it was nothing substantial. I also needed a runner partner to get me out the door.  I always made up a reason not to go if i was by myself.  This was also unlike my previous running persona. Alone.  Always run alone.
Then winter came and it was hard to get out the door when temps were consistently below zero.

My dog Roubaix has been the best running partner anyone can ask for and provided some much needed alone time without being alone.  most of those unmotivated runs were done with him on a trail. unknowingly he slowly lead me back to my dear friend.

Within the last 3 weeks my love for running has returned, I am a giddy child once again.  i can’t wait to run after work, I can’t wait to commute to work, I can’t wait to spend 5 hours on a run.  i give credit to the sun and the warmer temps.  today I had planned a 17 miler with a friend whom I have never run with.  i told everyone about it and I was excited for many reasons.  17 miles would be the farthest i have run since the 50 miler in October and it was going to be on one of my favorite courses.  My running courses are something that I hold near and dear to my heart, they are like my little treasure box that you only look at alone in your bedroom late at night and show only your close friends. So to expose that to someone new was exhilarating!

The weather forecast was not looking in our favor, cold again with the wind.  She expressed some hesitation about the length of time we would be out in the cold early in the morning.  It was ME who told her not to worry, that it would be great and we would thank ourselves afterward.  She ended up getting sick anyway and couldn’t join me in the end.

i had 2 choices: 1. sleep as long as i could and sip my coffee while surfing Facebook.  Take a nap with the dog and not venture outside into the sunny but cold day. 2. Sleep in some, eat breakfast and start dressing for my run.  go anyway. Besides I was so pumped to be running this course and the sun was out.  2 won hands down.
it was not hard, i did not struggle, I wasn’t even cold.  it was truly like seeing a friend you haven’t seen in years and not skipping a beat. I am back and I cannot wait to see what happens!

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