Tuesday 2-28

Very excited to run this morning and I really do like running before work. I feel when I have to be at work after I run I go faster or push myself a bit harder. Today was 8 miles with 10x100m, my plan said to do 8x100m, but what is 2 more? i felt good after a rest day yesterday. I had hot yoga which is really helping my legs out. My overall feeling so far in the program is good, there was only once where I felt exhausted, but I think that was my own doing with little sleep. My weeks have been about 47mpw for the past 3 weeks. this week should end up being around 50, which I am looking forward to.
I am looking to get new shoes also, they came out with the newer model of my shoe so the older model is on sale!!!
i wore today colder weather brooks pants, rei socks, nf sports bra, ice breaker base, and nf long sleeve outer. nf gloves, bula, and berkely hat completed the outfit!

8.02 miles in 1:09:55

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